Nowadays, selling via e-commerce is one of the most popular and popular forms of shopping. Every year, courier companies handle more and more parcels. When preparing a parcel, whether we do it wholesale or occasionally, we should pay attention to solid preparation and protection, so that our parcel reaches the recipient intact. Brown packing tape with hot-melt adhesive is the best choice for both individual customers and those who sell by mail order. The pocket packing tape combines strong initial adhesion and long durability.

How to choose the right tape?

Before preparing a parcel for shipment, it’s worth considering which packing tape will be the best choice. Pocket Tape offers products with different specifications so that everyone can choose the right product for their needs. The most versatile choice would be the brown tape with hot-melt adhesive. The pocket size of the product means that it doesn’t take up much space on your desk, thanks to the 1-inch sleeve. Despite the smaller sleeve size, the winding width is equivalent to a standard tape.

How do you pack a parcel?

Once you have chosen the right parcel, start by sealing the bottom. Check that the surface after the carton is dry and clean to ensure maximum adhesion. Tape along each edge so that it forms an H on the bottom of the carton. This way, the tape will hold the bottom of the parcel better and will not break under the weight of the contents. A small sleeve in the Pocket Tape allows the tape to be easily manoeuvred during the sealing process. Once the bottom is properly secured, place the product in the carton. If you are sending more than one item remember to stack them evenly, this way the parcel will not be overly heavy on one side.

Once the parcel is full, seal it with tape at the top. Make sure the tape extends at least 5cm beyond the edge of the parcel. Tape along each edge and the centre of the parcel so that it forms an H like the bottom of the carton. Once you have sealed the entire parcel, remember to add a special address label so that it reaches the sender without any problems

With brown packing tape from the Pocket Tape group, you can pack your tape when you need it! In your backpack, purse or maybe your pocket? Send parcels from anywhere!