In times of climate crisis, companies are reducing CO2 emissions. Every day, companies all over the world send millions of parcels, so it is very important that they are prepared with an
eco-friendly approach.
One of Pocket Tape’s products is kraft packaging tape created in harmony with nature. An alternative to standard foil tapes, with exceptional durability. This modern solution will enhance the aesthetics of your shipments. Pocket Tape on kraft paper adheres firmly to cardboard packaging, keeping your parcel secure. You can use wrapping paper or eco-friendly water-soluble fillers to complete your parcel.

Why use packaging tape on kraft paper?

We can see more and more less waste packaging on the market. If you are looking for a reliable product for securing various types of packaging, it is worth opting for a kraft packaging tape from the Pocket Tape group.
The product’s advantage is:

  • functionality and versatile applications,
  • pocket size
  • high durability,

What’s more, packing tape does not damage cardboard boxes, so they can be reused. The kraft paper tape from the Pocket Tape group is also a great writing surface.
Environmentally friendly tape is a solution that is becoming increasingly popular. Less waste is the future of every business.

This makes strong environmentally friendly tapes to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.