The use of carpet has many benefits and advantages that make it a popular choice in many homes. It is often a stylish addition to a room that combines aesthetics with comfort. Many people choose to purchase carpet for its acoustic and thermal insulation. Carpets and rugs are the best choice for a children’s room as they minimise the risk of slipping during play.

When placing a carpet in your chosen room, the main thing to remember is to properly tape it to the floor with Pocket Tape. This is a very simple and effective way to secure the carpet firmly in place. Double-sided Pocket Tape is the ideal product for permanently fixing lightweight items such as carpets, rugs, kitchen or bathroom hooks. Double-sided tape on a 1-inch sleeve is a product that is always worth having on hand. Its small size combined with its practical and versatile use makes Pocket Tape a must-have item in your home!

If you have already purchased your carpet, make sure it is properly taped. To do this, start by preparing the adhesive surface. Make sure the surface you are going to glue the carpet to is clean and dry before you start. Remove any contaminants such as dust, dirt or grease using a hoover or damp cloth. Make sure the surface is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

Once the surface has been cleaned, prepare the double-sided Pocket Tape. Measure the length of the tape and cut pieces to the appropriate size. Unrolling the tape to the appropriate size should not be a problem, thanks to the handy size.

Once you have cut the appropriate pieces, stick the double-sided Pocket Tape to the carpet, right at the edge. Make sure the tape fits snugly. Repeat this step along the entire length of the carpet. Ensure that the tape is firmly adhered by pressing it down to prevent it from peeling off later. If the product is properly attached you can proceed to peel off the liner.

Gradually lay the carpet on the floor, to make the double-sided Pocket Tape do its job even better you can press firmly and evenly on the surface adhering to the tape to avoid folds and swelling.

Once the carpet has been glued to the floor, make sure that all edges are cut evenly and fit snugly to the floor. Keep the carpet at rest for at least 24 hours to ensure that the double-sided Pocket Tape adheres thoroughly to the carpet.