Double-sided tape

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Code: TDDU-0BU/W1
Do It Yourself - the tape has a wide range of applications in both office and domestic work.
It will work well for attaching lightweight items such as hooks, hangers and posters.
Artwork, pasting photos or wrapping gifts - this tape is for that!

Double-sided tape from the Pocket Tape group is a practical solution for any home or office.

The product is made on a 1-inch sleeve so it will fit into a small drawer, handbag or car glove box.

The double-sided tape is universally applicable.

It can be used for:

  • gift wrapping,
  • artwork,
  • carpet backing,
  • assembly of lightweight objects such as hooks.

    The product is highly tear-resistant. Well worth having on hand!


Always at hand

Double-sided tape from the Pocket Tape group is a very convenient and practical solution that will find its way into every toolbox. Simple assembly, taping of carpet corners and also artwork.

For many occasions

The double-sided Pocket Tape is perfect for home crafts such as cut-outs, gift-wrapping or making collages. It can also be used to create artwork together with children.

Simply installation

Whether you’re hanging a poster at home, sticking a hanger in the office or perhaps professionally assembling advertising banners – Pocket Tape’s double-sided tape is up to the job.

Technical data

  • Width:48 mm
  • Length:12,5 m
  • Type of glue:Hot-melt
  • Carrier:BOPP + siliconized paper
  • Temperature of applications:from +5 degrees C
  • Operating temperature:from -10 C up to +50 degrees C

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