Duct Tape

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Code: TN-09B/W1
It can be used successfully in both indoor and outdoor conditions.
Provides temporary repairs to faults, cracks, tears and prevents further damage.
Easy to use
The application of Pocket Tape doesn't require additional tools, as it can be easily torn by hand.

The Duct Tape in pocket size combines exceptional strength, strong adhesion and high durability. This versatile product is an indispensable part of your household equipment!

Duct Tape from Pocket Tape group is ideal for repairing simple home repairs such as:

  • Securing cables
  • Repairing a leaking water pipe
  • Fixing a damaged element such as a mirror in a car

The product has a core diameter of 1 inch.

The tape consists of three layers: Fabric, adhesive and waterproof laminate, which gives it exceptional durability and resistance to external conditions.

The pocket size allows repairs to be made in tight and hard-to-reach places.



Pocket size

Duct Tape is an indispensable companion for every expedition, camping and also a “must-have" accessory for every handyman. Its pocket-size design means that it fits easily into pockets, bumbags and backpacks, and takes up very little space in the toolbox. The tape is only 55mm in diameter, making it much easier to use for makeshift repairs, in hard-to-reach places.

For quick repairs

Duct tape in the pocket version is just as good and effective a product as its counterpart on the classic 3-inch sleeve. Pocket Tape guarantees temporary repairs of defects, cracks, rips and prevents further damage. The tape can also be used for repairing sails, plastic lines, foil, sealing PVC or rubber pipes.

Strong and durable

Duct Tape is made from LDPE polyethylene foil , which is a low-density plastic, making it suitable for use in a wide range of industries due to its stretchability or weather resistance. This foil has a fabric mesh added, creating a complete and reliable product. Duct Tape can be easily torn by hand, while on the other hand, sticking it to the damaged surface creates excellent protection and insulation.

Technical data

  • Width:48mm
  • Length:10m
  • Type of glue:Hot-melt
  • Carrier:LDPE+net
  • Temperature of applications:from +5 degrees C
  • Operating temperature:from -10 C up to +50 degrees C

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