A leaking pipe under the sink can be a nuisance, especially if the leak occurs at the least opportune moment. Not only can a water leak cause damage to the premises, but it also has a direct impact on increasing bills. Sealing a pipe yourself can seemingly prove to be a difficult challenge.

Duct Tape from the Pocket Tape group is an essential piece of equipment for your toolbox that will quickly help you seal the leak! The Duct Tape consists of up to 3 layers: fabric, adhesive and waterproof laminate – making it a strong seal, even on wet surfaces.

The space under the sink, is often difficult to access. Pocket Tape on a 1-inch sleeve is ideal for areas with limited accessibility. The small size makes it easy to manoeuvre the tape, which has a positive effect on precision in repairs.

To begin a repair, you must first locate the exact spot of the burst or unsealed pipe and find the cause of the leak. Turn off the tap or close the valve to prevent further water leaks that may hinder the repair.

Properly prepare the area you will be repairing. Although Pocket Tape repair tape is a waterproof product, you will need to dry the pipe in order for it to last. You can do this with a cloth or sponge. Make sure the pipe is completely dry before applying the tape.

Apply the Pocket Tape repair tape to the damaged area. Stick a piece of tape on and then wrap around the pipe about 2-3 times. Remember to seal the leaking part strongly. Make sure the tape is well adhered to the pipe and surrounding surfaces. Avoid leaving any air bubbles under the Pocket Tape repair tape.

Once it is thoroughly taped, you can cut the Duct Tape with scissors or simply tear it off by hand.

Once you have applied the Duct Tape to the leaking pipe, you can turn on the water and check that the leak has been repaired. If the water has stopped leaking, everything went according to plan. Pocket Tape repair tape will also find use in other home repairs, so it’s worth keeping it on hand.