Masking Tape

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Code: TMB-030/W1
Without traces
Masking Pocket Tape leaves no residue on the taped surface.
Blue masking tape can be used for outdoor work.
Easy to tear through
The saturated, creped paper ensures that the tape tears through effortlessly.

Refresh your home whenever you need to with the blue masking tape from the Pocket Tape group!

The pocket size will make your work easier when taping hard-to-reach areas such as:

  • the wall behind the radiator,
  • a hidden socket or contact,
  • the space around fuse boxes.

The product is characterised by extended sticking time and good adhesion to the substrate.
The painter’s tape on a 1-inch sleeve will fit in:

  • a drawer,
  • storage compartment,
  • toolbox.


Extended sticking time

Renovate without fear or time pressure! Pocket Tape blue masking tape has an extended sticking time of up to 7 days. This means that it leaves no trace on the taped surface after removal.

Hard-to-reach areas

Refresh your walls without having to remove radiators or move heavy furniture. With the pocket-sized painter’s tape, you can protect hard-to-reach sections of the wall and reach them with a brush or roller without worrying about soiling the objects there.

At hand

An indispensable element when starting to paint the walls is to properly protect the surrounding space. It is essential to tape off any contacts, switches or furniture that you do not want to get dirty. When working with the pocket masking tape, you can be sure that it is always at hand. You can keep it conveniently in your pocket and its compact size will not restrict your movements.

Technical data

  • Width:48mm
  • Length:15m
  • Type of glue:acryl
  • Carrier:saturated, creped, blue
  • Temperature of applications:from +5 degrees C
  • Operating temperature:from -10 C up to +50 degrees C

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