Brown packaging tape

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Code: TPGA-022T/W1
Office use
A proven and popular tape for a range of applications. Essential for any office where packaging tape is used.
Medium and heavy parcels
The hot-melt adhesive packaging tape is very robust, and is also ideal even for shipping heavy parcels.
Versatile and durable
Recommended for sealing virtually any type of mail. It will prove successful at any time of the year.

The most popular and universal packaging tape with a wide range of applications.

Product characteristics:

  • it can be used all year round,
  • has a high initial adhesion factor,
  • it is resistant to both high and low temperatures,
  • is suitable for sealing both light and heavy parcels.
  • in the Pocket Tape size you will have it conveniently at hand


For heavy parcels

A strong initial adhesion factor, Pocket Tape, on hot-melt adhesive, will cope perfectly even with heavy parcels. It holds firmly and does not tear, ensuring that the contents of the parcel remain secure.

In practical size

The size of Pocket Tape can be divided into 2 areas. On the one hand it is the classic 48mm width, making the tape fully functional and on the other hand its diameter is only 55mm, making it convenient to use and practical to hold.

For small and medium-sized companies

Do you happen to sell something via e-commerce platforms? Choose the practical Pocket Tape, which is ideal for shipping lightweight and typical items. It’s tough, so you don’t have to reseal your parcel several times, and it’s effortless to work with by hand, making it easy to unwind from the roll.

Technical data

  • Width:48mm
  • Length:38m
  • Type of glue:Hot-Melt
  • Carrier:BOPP
  • Temperature of applications:from +5 degrees C
  • Operating temperature:from -10 degreesC up to +50 degrees C

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