Transparent packaging tape

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Code: TPGA-022T/W1
The acrylic transparent packing tape is characterised by the highest degree of transparency.
Pocket Tape acrylic is resistant to ageing and UV radiation.
Environmentally friendly
An environmentally friendly product due to the acrylic adhesive used (on a water dispersion basis).

Transparent packing tape on acrylic adhesive is a practical and indispensable working tool in every home or office.

This Pocket Tape product is resistant to ageing and UV radiation. It increases its adhesion and strength over time.

The tape will be a great choice for those who do mail order or occasionally prepare parcels.

Due to the use of a 1-inch sleeve, the product takes up little space on a desk or in a drawer and can always be on hand.


Practical application

Pocket Tape  on acrylic transparent adhesive is an excellent choice as a product for the home. Why? It’s great for wrapping gifts, for example. It has a strong adhesive force, so there’s no fear of the gift “unwrapping itself", and its transparency makes it practically invisible on the wrapped gift.

Household essential

Packing tape is a household ‘must-have’. Whether you’re sending parcels or wrapping presents, packing tape will always find a use. This transparent is perfect for sealing up broken pages, repairing a damaged book practically without noticing. Keep it always at hand in your DIY drawer at home.

Reliable for light parcels

Do you happen to sell something via Amazon or Vinted. Choose the practical Pocket Tape, which is ideal for shipping lightweight and typical items. It’s robust, so you don’t have to tape your parcel several times, and it’s easy to work with by hand, making unwinding it from the roll hassle-free.

Technical data

  • Width:48mm
  • Length:40m
  • Type of glue:Acryl
  • Carrier:BOPP
  • Temperature of applications:from +5 degrees C
  • Operating temperature:from -10 degreesC up to +60 degrees C

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