Kraft packaging tape

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Code: TCC-03OH/W1
By choosing paper packaging tape, you reduce plastic waste, as the tape is stuck to the cardboard and disposed of in the paper bin.
Easy to tear through
The paper packaging tape is easy to apply and can be hand-torn, making it easy to use even in difficult conditions.
Domestic use
In addition to securing parcels, the tape has additional uses, such as writing on it.

The environmentally friendly packing tape from the Pocket Tape group is a solution that combines the idea of less waste and strong adhesion.

The small, all-purpose tape on a 1-inch sleeve is perfect for those who sell mail order or send parcels occasionally and want to give them an eco-friendly touch.

Despite the use of a small sleeve, the width of the tape remains standard, i.e. 48mm, thus guaranteeing solid protection for cartons, parcels and packages of all kinds.


Paper tape

Paper packaging tape from Pocket Tape group is an excellent alternative to popular foil tapes. Its adhesive strength is comparable to conventional packing tapes and it is less complicated to use. It unwinds quietly from the roll, can be manually cut through and, when properly pressed into the carton, provides just as effective protection as foil tape.

You can write on it

A unique feature of paper packing tape is that it can be written on. This is a useful way of marking it, which makes it possible to convey an individual message to the recipient, but also allows the paper Pocket Tape to be used in a non-standard way. Thanks to the fact that it can be written on, the tape is suitable as a decorative element in handiwork or as a creative addition to the children’s room (drawing a road, railway tracks or a decorative pattern on the tape).

Easy to recycle

Paper packaging tape provides a simplified method of disposal. By leaving it stuck to the shipping carton, it can be disposed of in the paper waste bin. Unlike foil tape, which has to be peeled off the carton and disposed of in plastic, paper tape saves time in the process and is more environmentally friendly.

Technical data

  • Width:48mm
  • Length:16m
  • Type of glue:Hot-melt
  • Carrier:Paper
  • Temperature of applications:from +5 degrees C
  • Operating temperature:from-10 degrees C up to +50 degrees C

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